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From Your First Step to the Spotlight – Discover a Dance Journey Tailored Just for You


Welcome to Dance Spot

Dance Spot is a place where passion meets the dance floor. Whether you’re gearing up for your special day, seeking personal growth, or looking for a vibrant community, we offer a variety of dance lessons tailored to every aspiration. Dive into the world of dance with us and see where your feet can take you.

Choose the Learning Style That Works for You

Whether you’re looking for personalized guidance or enjoy the energy of a group, Dance Spot has you covered. Our private lessons offer focused, one-on-one instruction tailored to your goals, perfect for fast-tracking your progress. Alternatively, our group classes and social parties provide a lively environment to learn and have fun with fellow dance enthusiasts. 


Dance lessons where every detail is tailored to fit your goals and your schedule.

Wedding dance

Make your special day unforgettable with a dance crafted just for you.

Group classes

Vibrant and social, perfect for anyone looking to learn and connect.

Kids classes

Unique programs in small groups, tailored to enhance child's skills and confidence.

1. Fun

Our core values focus on making dance fun and easy for everyone, creating an environment where growth happens naturally and joyfully.

3. Comfort

Our approach ensures that every student feels at home, making their dance journey not just about learning, but also about enjoying every moment in our beautiful space.

2. Inclusivity

Dance is for everyone. We embrace and celebrate diversity, offering a welcoming environment for all backgrounds and abilities.

4. Community

We're more than a studio; we're your neighbors. Our mission goes beyond dance lessons - we aim to enrich and unite our community through the joy of dance, making it a lifestyle everyone can embrace.

Our Value

Dance: fun and easy at every step

Dance Spot is where our community comes to dance, connect, and thrive. Led by a team of champion dancers, we offer everything from private lessons to group classes and special events.

No matter your experience or goals, our inclusive studio welcomes you to explore the joy and transformation dance can bring to your life. Join us and let’s make dance a part of your everyday.

got questions?

We've Got Answers!

Your journey into the world of dance starts here, and it’s natural to have questions. Browse through our FAQs to find everything you need to know about starting your dance experience with us.

Not at all! Our classes are tailored to accommodate everyone, from absolute beginners to advanced dancers. Our experienced teachers are here to guide you through each step, ensuring a comfortable and enjoyable learning experience.

You don’t need a partner to start your dance journey with us. One of our skilled teachers will dance with you during lessons, providing personalized guidance. Should you choose to compete, they’ll also partner with you, ensuring you have strong support every step of the way.

For your upcoming wedding, we’re here to ensure your first dance is as memorable as the day itself. We invite you to call us at 936-235-5355 for your initial wedding dance consultation. During this meeting, we’ll explore all your options and tailor a dance plan that perfectly aligns with your vision. Rest assured, we’ll take care of every detail, guiding you from the first step to the final flourish on your special day.

We offer a wide range of dance styles, including Ballroom, Smooth, Latin, Salsa, Tango, and more. Whether you’re looking to master a specific style or explore different genres, there’s something for everyone at Dance Spot.

To schedule your lesson, simply call the studio. We’ll set you up with our introductory special, where you’ll have the chance to experience a taste of all the dances we offer. This is a perfect opportunity to discover what truly interests you and fits your style best. Together, we can then come up with a plan tailored to your dance aspirations. And if you’re drawn to the idea of group classes, here is our group class schedule.

The best way to choose the right class for you is to start with our special introductory lesson. This session is designed to give you a taste of different dance styles, helping you explore and find what resonates with you the most. With the guidance of our experienced teachers, you’ll be able to discover the dance that suits you best. Schedule your introductory lesson today, and let’s embark on this exciting journey together.

For your dance lessons, we recommend avoiding sneakers and opting for shoes you’re comfortable dancing in, like those with suede or leather soles, to help you glide and move with ease. Arrive a few minutes early, and visit our built-in store; we’re here to assist you in selecting comfortable, proper dance shoes that will enhance your experience on the dance floor.


What People Say

Real stories from our students. Discover how Dance Spot has transformed their dance journey and life.

Upcoming Events

Dance Nostalgia Through Time

May 18, 2024
Explore the artistic talents of Eulia Baranovskiy, Smooth Champion turned painter, at her exclusive art exhibition.

Blossom Bubble Brunch

May 19, 2024
Ladies, don your fascinator hats and join us for the Blossom Bubble Brunch! Sip champagne, enjoy live music, and participate in prize giveaways.
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June 8, 2024
Don't miss our Student Showcase! Witness the amazing talent and hard work of our students as they perform on the dance floor.

Ready to Dance?

Book Your Introductory Lesson Today and Step Into a World of Fun, Friendship, and Fulfillment.

Ready to Dance?

Book Your Introductory Lesson Today and Step Into a World of Fun, Friendship, and Fulfillment. Have Questions? Call Us!

Or, Leave Us a Message Below.


Private Lessons

Private Intro Lesson

Discover the joy of dancing with a private lesson, now offering a special 45-minute introductory session for just $39. Tailored to your unique needs, our one-on-one lessons provide personalized guidance, ensuring you progress at your pace and style. Whether you’re preparing for an event, seeking a new hobby, or simply looking to express yourself through movement, our expert instructors are here to support your journey from the very first step.

1. Undivided Attention

Receive instruction that's customized to your individual needs and learning pace, ensuring you get the most out of every step.

3. Style Exploration

Explore everything from American Smooth and International Latin to Social Dance, finding the style that speaks to your soul.

2. Goal Exploration

We listen to what you hope to achieve—be it fitness, fun, or finesse—and tailor our lessons to help you reach those goals.

4. Flexible Scheduling

Our lessons adapt to your timetable, offering you the freedom to learn and practice dance at times that best suit your lifestyle.

wedding dance

Make Your First Dance Unforgettable

From the magical first dance as a married couple to the special father-daughter, mother-son, and the whole bridal party getting down, we’ve got you covered. Our friendly experts will help you nail that perfect dance, making sure you feel confident and joyful, no matter what song you choose or dance you dream of.

1. Custom Choreography

Tailored dances for bride and groom, mother-son, father-daughter, and the bridal party, ensuring each step reflects the unique relationships and personalities involved.

3. Flexible Scheduling

Planning a wedding is complex; we offer flexible class times to fit into your pre-wedding schedule, making dance practice convenient.

2. Stress-Free Learning

Our welcoming, patient instructors make learning your wedding dances a joyous part of your celebration preparations, free from stress.

4. Personalized Music

Bring your special song, or let us help you choose the perfect track. Our custom music approach ensures your dance is uniquely yours, from rhythm to routine.

Let's dance

Group Dance Classes for Everyone

Explore the joy of dance in our group classes. Perfect for all levels, these classes bring people together to learn, laugh, and move to the music. Find your style with our range of dances, shown in our photos and class descriptions.

Explore Our Classes

Ready to Dance?

Get started on your wedding dance with our $39 intro lesson. Have Questions? Call Us!

Or, Leave Us a Message Below.


Ready to Dance?

Enjoy a complimentary group dance class on us. Experience the joy of dancing and meet new friends. Have Questions? Call Us!

Or, Leave Us a Message Below.


Ready to Dance?

Book Your $39 Introductory Lesson Today and Step Into a World of Fun, Friendship, and Fulfillment. Have Questions? Call Us!

Or, Leave Us a Message Below.


Or, Leave Us a Message Below.

Dance Awaits Your Little Star!

Our kids’ classes focus on fun, creativity, and building confidence. Let’s help your child shine on the dance floor! Have Questions? Call Us!

Or, Leave Us a Message Below.


Or, Leave Us a Message Below.